Computer Lab
CRM Academy is equipped with a well equipped computer labs uploaded with the latest software which is available to the students to use and prepare their assignments and home work. Internet facilities are also provided, with fast broadband service available to browse and down load information required by the students or staff. Computer facilities are regularly reviewed and updated to cope with changing technology requirements.

The College has a large fully stocked library which is available for all students and is constantly being updated. Books are free to borrow and the library itself offers a quiet place for revision or completion of homework. The college has a special arrangement with the local library for all its students. All college students are allowed to use the Central Library reference facilities only for non-members and full library facilities for members. The Library membership is free of charge and a library card will be issued on submission of completely filled in application form along with one proof of Identity and one proof of address.

Extra Curricular Activities
Bard of Avon management often arrange different sports activities and indoor and outdoor trips to different sight-seeing areas.

International Students Support
The International Student Welfare Officer provides support for you throughout your stay in Manchester. He/she shall be happy to answer any queries or questions and provide students with all the help they need. Students will also receive a welcome pack on their arrival in College.

College advisory service provides advice to non EU students regarding their immigration matters. For example, students need information on immigration, visa and entry clearance requirements. Information for students wishing to extend their visa is available. For instance, the Home Office fee for visa extension differs between post and personal visits. Timings, location and transport information are provided for visits to the Home Office.

Advisory & Counselling Services
Student Support services are available at Bard of Avon. Students who require assistance regarding their course work or advice on accommodation and price, difficulties in payments of fees, finding a local doctor to register with. Bard of Avon staffs are also happy to help you in the best possible way to guide and advise you on any other matters.

Banking Services
Students arriving in the UK from overseas normally require a bank account to deal with their payments and receipts. Bard of Avon student advisory service will guide the students on the basic requirements to open up a bank account and provide proof of identity as a student or a reference if required. We have relationship with different banks.

Health Care
Health is the most important area to be looked after properly. It could be very costly, especially for overseas students due to lack of knowledge or proper guidance. If students are permitted to stay more than six months they are entitled to free National Health Service (NHS) provisions. They can be registered with a General Physician (GP) and get free prescriptions but they will have to pay for medicines prescribed at the rate fixed by the Government. Treatment under NHS care in hospital is also free.

Working in UK
Once students have received their Visa they should check with the UKBA to check how many hours a week they can legally work in the UK.

Studies in Manchester at Bard of Avon
Manchester’s International character is evident in every neighbourhood, where people of different cultural, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds live and work together. This diversity is remaking Bradford, bringing a new energy to its business, arts, and sense of heritage. As a student in Manchester, you will have access to a wealth of information, including some of the world’s most famous libraries and museums.

Students with Disability
Applications from students with a disability will be considered on the same academic criteria as all other applicants. If you have a disability you should indicate this on your application form. Early consideration can then be given to any additional support you may require, from individual exam arrangements to hourly care.