The quality of provision and the maintenance of standards are central to the College’s Mission and Corporate Plan. The College, through its management, is committed to maintaining its position as a provider of high quality education and training. In achieving this, and in meeting the needs of all users, the College commits itself to a rigorous process of self-review and development in which every member of staff understands their role and recognises their individual responsibility for quality improvement and development.

The following corporate objective and key strategies, as stated in the Corporate Plan, provide the basis for the Quality Policy:

  • ‘Offering students high quality delivery and support, and a marketable outcome’
  • To deliver programmes that offer academic rigour and market competitiveness
  • To ensure programmes meet all relevant national standards and benchmarks

To be regarded as an outstanding college within our community, realising opportunities through partnership and innovation.

We are committed to being an innovative and agile college which places the interests of learners at the centre of its activity.

At all times we will promote the values of:

  • Trust and respect
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Equality, diversity and inclusiveness
  • Encouragement and support
  • And aspire to excellence in all that we do