If a student would like to speak to one of the team members at Bard of Avon, he/she can schedule an appointment with the relevant staff member at Reception.
You can also email a staff member at: firstinitial.surname@bardofavon.org.uk

Scheduling Appointments with Academic Staff
Academic Staff at Bard of Avon main role is to deliver lessons to students on their chosen subjects. However they are also available for students to discuss any of the following:

  • Any concerns or problems they may be having regarding their course work
  • Progressions
  • Syllabus
  • Timetables
  • Assessments
  • Study skills, such as organization or time management
  • Guidance and advice on plagiarism
  • Extra learning support
  • Return to study plans after a long absence

If a student would like to speak to one of the academic staff members, he/she can schedule an appointment through Students can make appointments with their teacher directly or by email. Students must be aware Academic Staff are limited on the days and times they can see students and therefore bookings should be made in advance. No appointments will be scheduled during teaching times. Please note an appointment is not confirmed until the staff member has approved the date and time to meet.

Academic staffs are available for appointments Monday – Friday between 09:00-18:00; the times will vary depending on class schedules. Please book an appointment at least one day in advance.

To contact a member of the Administration Department
All appointments must be scheduled at the Reception at least one day in advance.

General Enquiries

Email Reception at:learn@crmacademy.org

Assignments / Academic Advice: Head of Department/ Lecturer of subject field
Email: Head of Department at: learn@crmacademy.org

Outstanding Payments/ Change of price-plans/ General Accounts enquiries:
Email Accounts at: learn@crmacademy.org